Wednesday, February 11, 2009

new releases of the Cool SL Viewer!

Cool SL Viewer v1.19.0.5 release 48 (stable, legacy renderer)
Cool SL Viewer v1.21.6.0 release 16 (stable, Windlight renderer)
Cool SL Viewer v1.22.9.0 release 1 (experimental)

Download here.

Fixed bug in RestrainedLife (@redirchat & @sendchat conflict), and a couple of minor optimizations.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Cool SL Viewer v1.22.8.0 release 1 (experimental)

rebuild with 1.22.8 RC codebase.
grab it here and enjoy!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Release Notes for latest Cool SL Viewer releases (Linux) (Windows) (Mac)

Patches by Henri Beauchamp (released under GPL v2 license):
* AllowDiscardForCreator: enables the "Discard" button in the notecards that you created and that are given to you with llGiveInventory(). Fixes the VWR-2290 bug.
* ATIcrashBug (for v1.20.15 and older only: implemented in v1.21): works around the hardware cursor bug of Mobility Radeon cards running with the ATI fglrx drivers. See the VWR-1320 bug report for full details.
* CommonDateAndTimeFormats: allows to configure the time and date formats and to use them coherently everywhere in the viewer (fixes VWR-721 among others).
* FileAccessSecurity: backport to v1.19.0.5 of the file access security fix introduced in the v1.20.17.0 viewer.
* FixGcc42error (for v1.19.0.5): allows to compile the v1.19.0.5 viewer with gcc v4.2. Please note that the gcc v4.2 warnings are not fixed by this patch and you will therefore need to compile the viewer without the -Werror gcc option. The latest version of make-SL entitles you to do that (by setting the ALLOW_WARNINGS variable in it to "yes").
* FloaterInspectCrashFix (for v1.21 and older): backport of a v1.22 fix for the inspect floater crashes (VWR-10823).
* HideIMinChat: allows to optionally prevent IMs to show in the main chat. Implements the VWR-3060 feature.
* HideNotificationsInChat: allows to optionally prevent the notifications (those small messages appearing in a blue box on the lower right corner of the viewer window) to show and be logged in the main chat.
* InventoryDoubleClickActions v2: defines double-click actions in inventory for objects (wear as attachments or remove if already worn), and clothes/body parts (wear when not worn, or remove when worn). Implements the VWR-1752 and part of the VWR-1825 features.
* InventoryDoubleClickActions v2_RestrainedLife_addon.patch.bz2: addon patch to apply when the RestrainedLife patch is also used (see below).
* KeepCachedSounds: cures the sound problems in -multiple mode, and allows to keep cached sounds over sessions. Fixes the VWR-2876 bug.
* LandmarksDiscardButton v2: restores the "Discard" button in the new landmarks floater. Fixes the VWR-3616 regression.
* LargePrimsAndHavok4SimHeight_v2: allows to build large prims (up to 128m large) in OpenSim and above 768m high (and up to 4096m) in SL. Also allows to TP above 1000m.
* MonoBackport v2 (for v1.19.0.5 only): backport of the v1.21 script engine with Mono compilation (and v1.22 fixes) and new LSL functions support (note that although the new LSL functions will compile thanks to this patch, most of their effects will be invisible to the patched v1.19.0.5 viewer as they involve features implemented in later viewers, such as the render glow, the extended parcel media, etc).
* MoonBrightness: corrects the brightness of the moon, allowing to actually see it, especially when it's close to the horizon.
* MoreGrids: allows to select from the login screen to which public grid (SecondLife or others) you wish to connect.
* MUposeStyleAndOOCautoColse: allows to use the MUCK/MUSH/MUX/MUD pose style (VWR-3093) and allows to auto-close double-parenthesis (Out Of Character) chat/IM poses.
* NoMultipleLocaleWarnings: prevents messages such as "WARNING: LLLocale: Failed to set locale en_US.utf8" to appear hundreds of times in the log file (any locale loading failure now appears once only in the log).
* OldTrackingDotsInMinimap: reinstates the "old" (pre-v1.18.4) mini-map icons for "above" and "below" avatars. Fixes the VWR-2808 regression. Set the "UseOldTrackingDots" flag to TRUE, and restart the viewer to enable this feature.
* PanelOverlayHidableButtons (this patch is part of the RevertUIchanges one for v1.19): allows to optionnally hide the "Release Keys" button and the "Master Remote" volume slider. Implements the VWR-3087 feature. Set the "HideReleaseKeys" and "HideMasterRemote" flags to TRUE to enable this feature.
* PanelOverlayHidableButtons_RestrainedLife_addon: addon patch to apply when the RestrainedLife patch is also used (see below).
* ReinstateAltShowPhysical v2 (for v1.19.0.5 and older only): reinstates the "Alt Shows Physical" option in the View menu (this option was removed from voice viewers). The v2 patch yet does not force any more the "Alt shows physical" when in Edit mode. Fixes the VWR-2086 regression.
* ReinstateShowTextureUUID: reverts the "fix" for VWR-1919: security by opacity is a delusion: removing this feature would not prevent pirates to steal your textures, while it would prevent you to verify that some object has been textured with your own textures. And by the way, there are much better (much more efficient) ways for a pirate to steal the textures (by using the cached files, for example)...
* RReinstateStatusbarBandwidthAndPacketsLoss (for v1.19. This patch is part of the RevertUIchanges one for v1.20): gets rid of the search box in the status bar and reinstates the bandwidth and packets loss indicators. Fixes the VWR-3156 regression and fullfils VWR-3089.
* RememberMinimizedFloatersPosition: Fixes the VWR-5530 regression (minimized floaters not remembering their position).
* RevertUIchanges_v8: this (large) patch reinstates the "old" (pre-voice) UI and adds some more features:
- Features common to all versions:
-- The chat input line, Gestures combo and Say/Shout buttons are removed from the chat history floater (this feature can be disabled by setting "UseOldChatHistory" to FALSE and restarting the viewer).
-- The friends list and the groups list are back as separate floaters that can both be shown simultaneously. As a bonus the Groups list floater also remembers its size and position (just like the friends list always did).
-- The toolbar is back to its old self (no distracting and cryptic icons and "fly buttons"), with the "Friends" button back into business, as well as (for those among you "old" enough to remember), the "Groups" button (if you don't like it, it can be hidden by setting "ShowGroupsButton" to FALSE and restarting the viewer).
-- The overlay bar (chat input line, buttons and volume/media remote controls) is back to its old self, with a few bonuses: the volume remote buttons stack nicely and "smartly" to the right above the chatbar (or toolbar if the chatbar is hidden), depending on which is actually needed (media, music and voice remotes are hidden by default and shown only when needed). The master volume button was also made smaller (slider removed: only the tiny button allowing to open the volume sliders panel is shown) and smarter (it is only shown whenever one of the music, media or voice are enabled/playing, but it can be shown permanently like it used to do in v1.18.6 by setting "HideMasterRemote" to FALSE).
- Features for v1.19 only:
-- The "Release Keys" button is always hidden by default (set "HideReleaseKeys" to FALSE to show it again) and replaced by a "Release Keys" entry in the Tools menu (or World menu for v1.20), below the "Stop All Animations" one.
- Features for v1.21 and later (*):
-- Includes the StatusBarIcons patch (but allows to switch back to the new status bar icons, by setting "UseOldStatusbarIcons" to FALSE).
-- Allow the proper fonctionning of the packets loss and bandwidth tooltips.
-- Reverts to the default chat colors and behaviours of pre-v1.21 viewers.
-- Removal of the extra spacing between message lines in the chat console (unless "DisableMessagesSpacing" is set to FALSE).
NOTE: for v1.21 and later, this patch comes along with one zip file ( which is to be uncompressed after the main artwork zip file: if you are using the make-SL or cmake-SL utilities, this is done automatically
* SecurityFixBackport: backport to v1.19.0.5 of the L$ transactions (and a couple other server messages) security fix introduced in the v1.20.16.0 viewer.
* StatusBarIcons: this patch is for the v1.19 series of viewers only: it reverts a number of status bar icons (no-push, no-fly, no-build, no-script, voice...) to the old, much more readable and discernible ones (does LL have any clue about what accessibility means, even for non-disabled persons ?... Obviously not !). This patch comes along with a zip file ( which is to be uncompressed after the main artwork zip file: if you are using the make-SL v1.84 utility, this is done automatically.
* TeleportHistory_RestrainedLife_addon: addon patch to apply when both the RestrainedLife patch and the TeleportHistory patch are used (see below).
* CoolPreferences: for the v1.19 to v1.22 series of the Cool SL Viewers: it adds a "Cool features" tab to the Preferences panel and allows to switch on and off the various features of the Cool SL Viewer without having to use the geeky "Debug settings" (hey !... but I'm a geek !). If you build your own viewer, please note that it only makes sense to apply this patch "as is" if all the patches of the Cool SL Viewer have been applied.

Collaborative work:
* GestureMissingError (for v1.19, fixed in v1.20): based on a patch by by Nicholaz Beresford, this improved works around the "missing gesture" bug (by me) and improves the error message when the gesture is actually missing (by Nicholaz). See VWR-333.
* LinuxShortcuts: based on a patch by Khyota Wulluf, this improved patch changes some shortcuts which collide with Linux console switching keys (CTRL ALT Fn shortcuts are turned into CTRL SHIFT Fn). See VWR-2085.
* LlhttpclientMemLeak: based on a patch by Carjay McGinnis, this patch plugs a couple of memory leaks (VWR-9400).
* LlmediaImplGstreamerFixes: aggregates patches from Tofu Linden (VWR-10370), Aleric Inglewood (VWR-10759). and, for v1.19.0.5 viewers a crash fix by me.
* RestrainedLife_v116a: based on a patch by Marine Kelley, this improved patch implements the RestrainedLife features. Set the "RestrainedLife" flag to TRUE, and restart the viewer to turn it into a RestrainedLife viewer. See the RestrainedLife Readme and the RestrainedLife API for more details.

Trivial backports by Henri Beauchamp (these patches only contain differences between older and newer versions of the viewer (no code added/changed by me beside trivial adaptations to the older code), i.e. the actual authors of the fixes are Lindens):
* AbortTextureFetch (for v1.21 and older): backport from v1.22 of a fix to a problem with textures loading.
* BvhLoaderVisualisation (for v1.21 and older): backport from v1.22 of a fix to a problem in how BVH animations are visualized before being uploaded (VWR-996).
* FileAccessSecurity (for v1.19.0 and older): backport from v1.20.17.0 of a file access security fix.
* FloaterInspectCrashFix v2 (for v1.21 and older): backport from v1.22 of a fix for the inspect floater crashes (VWR-10823).
* LlFloaterUpdateButtonsPossibleCrashBug (for v1.21 and older): backport from v1.22 of a fix for a possible crash bug.
* LlMediaImplGstreamerPossibleCrash (for v1.21 and older): backport from v1.22 of a potential crash bug fix.
* PossibleCrashChangingGraphicSettings (for v1.21 and older): backport from v1.22 of a potential crash bug fix.
* PossibleCrashViewerObject (for v1.19.0 and older): backport from v1.19.1.4 of a potential crash bug fix.
* SecurityFixBackport (for v1.19.0 and older): backport from v1.20.16.0 of the L$ transactions (and a couple other server messages) security fix.
* SnappingChildPrimRebuild (for v1.21 and older): backport from v1.22 of a bugfix dealing with scripted child prims moves (VWR-3871).
* ScriptsInSelectionError (for v1.21, included in MonoBackport_v2 for v1.19.0): backport from v1.22 of a bugfix dealing with scripts compilation/resetting failures in some selected objects (SVC-2771).

Patches by Alissa Sabre:
* LlfontglRenderWrongParams: fixes a wrong parameter list in a llfontgl function (VWR-9517).
* LlrenderWrongTypedef (for v1.21 only): fixes a wrong typedef in the source which may lead to a compilation failure (VWR-9507).
* StyleDropShadow (for v1.19: fixed in v1.20): fixes a llStyle quirk (VWR-1352).

Patches by Blakar Ogre (for v1.19 only, not for Windlight based viewers):
* ParticlesDeadCodeAndVWR983: fixes particles update issues (VWR-983) and cleans up dead code.
* ParticlesVWR2164: fixes particles alpha-related quirks (VWR-2164).
* ParticlesVWR418: fixes particles generation issues (VWR-418).

Patches by Gigs Taggart:
* Duckwalk: cosmetic patch for the "duck walk" of AO-less avatars (VWR-1603).
* EditTerrainForce: implements a "force" variable in the edit terrain tools (VWR-2331).
* LostConnectionOnLogin (for v1.21): fixes spurious "crashes" (disconnections) on login (VWR-8783).
* SnapshotsPNG_JPG (for v1.19 only, not ported to v1.20, implemented in v1.21): implements PNG and JPG snapshots (VWR-2491).

Patches by McCabe Maxsted:
* ExpandedBuildTools_v2: adds a "Slice" setting to boxes, cylinders and prisms (VWR-7827), lowers the increments for path cut and dimple to 0.025 (VWR-7877) and for texture offsets to 0.05 (new in v2, by Henri Beauchamp).
* FriendshipAndCallingcardOffersIgnoreButton: adds an "Ignore" button to friendship and calling cards proposal dialogs (VWR-4826).
* MissingKeyword (part of MonoBackport for v1.19): fixes the problem with PARCEL_FLAG_ALLOW_CREATE_GROUP_OBJECTS not being properly highlighted in the script editor (VWR-8454).

Patches by Michelle2 Zenovka:
* JpegGracefulErrors (for v1.20 and older, implemented in v1.21): improves checks and error reports on bad texture uploads (VWR-4022).
* BulkSetPermissions_v2: implements bulk permissions setting (VWR-5082).
* LlMsgVarData (for v1.21 and older, fixed in v1.22): fixes a possible crash bug and leak (VWR-8310).

Patches by Nicholaz Beresford:
* AsstachmentsBug (for v1.19.0, fixed in newer viewers): fixes the "all attachments in the ass" bug (VWR-374).
* DebugSettingsShortcutCtrlAltS: adds a keyboard shortcut (CTRL ALT S) to pop up the Debug Settings panel.
* InventoryNotify (for v1.20 and older, fixed in v1.21): unclutters the give inventory notification dialogs (VWR-1754).
* KeyframemotionLeaks (for v1.19: fixed in v1.20.11.0): fixes bad memory leaks.
* LpecRpecSwapped: fixes the ATTACH_LPEC/ATTACH_RPEC wrong (swapped) constants in the LSL editor (SVC-580).
* PossibleCrashAndLeakAssetStorage: fixes a potential crash and a memory leak.
* PossibleCrashDeadCubemap (for v1.19: fixed in v1.20): fixes a potential crash (VWR-2682).
* PossibleCrashDragAndDrop: fixes a potential crash (VWR-2003).
* PossibleCrashGroupVoting: fixes a potential crash (VWR-2543).
* PossibleCrashHudBoundingBox (for v1.19: fixed in v1.20): fixes a potential crash (VWR-2685).
* PossibleCrashSpeakerList: fixes a potential crash (VWR-2683).
* PossibleCrashRenderglow (for v1.19: fixed in v1.20): fixes a potential crash.
* ShiftEscResetsCameraView: allows to reset the camera view with SHIFT ESC and does not close the chat input line when doing so.
* Statsbars (for v1.19: fixed in v1.20): fixes stats bar overshooting and cleans up the texture console layout (VWR-779).
* SlurlMenuMemoryLeak (for v1.19: fixed in v1.20): fixes a minor memory leak.
* TextureCacheHiccups v2 (not yet ported to v1.20 and later): fixes texture caching quirks.
* WorkerThreadWhenTerminating: fixes a thread quirk (VWR-1294).

Patches by Zi Ree:
* EditKeysInDialogs: fixes a problem with unsupported DEL key in some dialogs (VWR-9127).
* TeleportHistory: adds a teleport history floater (VWR-7913).
* VisitedLandmarks: fixes a long standing bug (dating back from 2007) with landmarks icon failing to turn red after use and with the position beacon failing to appear on arrival on first use of the LM (VWR-7896).

Miscellaneous patches:
* AmbiantMasterVolume (Aimee Trescothick): Fixes the issue with ambiant sounds not being affected by the master volume VWR-4371.
* AttachedParticlesAndLightsKiller (Able Whitman. For v1.20 and older, implemented in v1.21): Allows to "mute" the light and/or particles emissions on attachements. See VWR-6540 for details.
* Fmod (by Marine Kelley): fixes a compilation and linking problem with FMOD under Windoze for v1.21 viewers.
* LeakVoicevisualizer (by Mm Alder. For v1.19: fixed in v1.20): fixes a memory leak (VWR-3777).
* LLimageTGA_DeleteColorMapFix (by Aleric Inglewood): fixes a memory leak (VWR-10837).
* MultiLinesChat (by Tofu Linden. For v1.19: fixed in v1.20): fixes multi-lines chat wrapping issues on the console (VWR-4057).
* PossibleCrashViewerObject: backport to v1.19.0.5 of a potential crash bug fix.
* RemembersStatsPosAndSize (Latif Khalifa): allows to remember the stats floater position and size in v1.21 and later viewers (VWR-9540).
* SaveLoadScripts_v2 (by JB Kraft. Not yet ported to v1.21): allows to save and load scripts from the script editor to local file systems (VWR-5206).
* SendParcelSelectObjectWrongReturnType (by Carjay McGinnis): fixes a wrong type which triggers warnings in the log file (VWR-9620).
* ShiftReturnWhisper (unknown author): implements whispers for avatars via SHIFT+ENTER in the chatbar.
* TPabove1000m (by Peter Lameth. For v1.21): fixes a problem with the world map clamping the max altitude to 1000m (VWR-7331).
* WornInventoryTab (by Vadim Bigbear): Adds a "Worn" tab to the inventory floater. Implements VWR-2199, VWR-508.

new releases of the Cool SL Viewer

Cool SL Viewer v1.19.0.5 release 46 (stable, legacy renderer)
Cool SL Viewer v1.21.6.0 release 14 (stable, Windlight renderer)
Cool SL Viewer v1.22.7.0 release 2 (experimental)

Updated: over 10 new bug fixes, "Worn Items" in inventory (VWR-508), updated CommonDateAndTimeFormats patch, lot of backports from the v1.22 viewer, RestrainedLife v1.16a.

Disclaimer about all viewer builds